The Hustle to Win against bad Habits Day 2

After a successful yesterday (waking up early, went to gym, had a healthy diet, no YOUTUBE etc.)

I was so confident about waking up early in the morning, But the tables has been turned my mind was adamant to not let me wake up early in the morning.

Alarm rings and I tried getting out of my cozy bed but all the thoughts had started a loop of questions,(like its so damn cold? I am feeling sour from the workout yesterday, lets sleep for a while?) many more after ten minutes of thinking, I gave up and went back to sleep as my mind had convinced me it is a bed idea to wake up early in the morning, my battle with my mind was almost lost.

Hang on a second I said almost lost, not lost so I wake up again after 1 hour and again the loop of emotions started but this time the idea of creating a habit jumped in and without thinking for long I decided to quickly get out of the bed and I did it.

Went to Gym not in my car but choose to Run to the gym, Yes it was cold and unpleasant but worth it finished my workout went back home decided to have a healthy breakfast but again my unhealthy mind started giving suggestion without even me asking (you are going to be late and all short of rubbish) I choose to make myself a breakfast, got ready and I was not late at all.

Went to my job had a busy day with ups and down, finished by day had a tea and snack and started writing this blog so that I can be able to achieve my goal of creating habits rather then relying on motivation that does not last long.

Its hard to deny your emotion and brain loops but it is possible just by getting back to what actually matters, not what is hard or what you don’t like to do.

We should do more whatever we don’t want to do and do it till again and again until we form a habit to do it, I don’t like waking up in the morning and I actually tried many times but always give up after a couple of days but this time I am trying a different approach of making it a habit no matter what, I will wake up early in the morning. waking up early in the morning gives me 3 extra hours a day to do thinks that I can’t find time for and allow me to workout have a good breakfast start my day in a positive and super energetic way.

Now I use a timer for activities that I spent too much time and that does no good to me like watching Tiktok, Netflix, YouTube, scrolling on social media.

This is a simple strategy before starting to watch something put a timer it can be 10–15 or 20 mins max

once the timer goes off you should stop doing what you do as this will give you more time to do thing that actually matter rather then watching and scrolling social media.

I will write another blog tomorrow and share my struggle to make my mind work in the way I want not what it likes.

Have a Good day.